Random PVP #11 - Ddantee by Ddantee
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Hi everyone! :D

Well, I'm very excited with this video since I was able to finish this Wow PVP movie! It took me a lot of time, months doing it... and I very happy with the result if you ask me, and I hope you guys enjoy the video as well! :D, cuz I wanted to give you guys a little more of variety in the videos and animations... Also for the support that I've been receiving for you guys!

There's a moment in the video that are static images somehow... I had to change a little the way how I was doing it for some cartoonized images and I liked the result it gave so thats why I used them there... The thing was that in the Dalaran legion was really really really heavy to render, and it was taking a lot to render 10 seconds... If I were continue doing the video in that way it will took me 1 more week or something...

So yeah, I was able to finish it with a lot of expectations for the suscribers :3 , and the new people that will see it in the server where it was recorded or warcraft movies, and for the ones that still don't know yet, I'm playing legion in Wow Freakz (Absolutely recommended talking about Legion content), also this is the continue of the other random PVP videos... The Cataclysm random PVP will continue but from the part 10a... When I go back to cata it will be like Random PVP 10b and so on :p until we finish in cata... Equally I used to play in cataclysm like 5 or 6 years, so I thought it was time to change... but I'll be back later (Y)

Oh Btw... English is not my first language n.n and Still learning rogue in legion since this is a new expansion for me.

If you liked the video remember to suscribe and thumbs up in Stealth! :D

Keep in mind to watch the whole video before commenting! :D
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