AIAXIII - Multiclass Guild PVP by kryticalDV
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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*WARNING* This video contains NSFW voice comms

Hello friends, and welcome to AIA XIII - my thirteenth installment in my series of PVP videos named after our server, Azgalor, in World of Warcraft that has spanned almost a decade and a half.

In this video you will find my Priest (Shadow/Disc) - Rogue (Sin/Sub) - Mage (Frost) - and Monk (WW) engaged in World PVP, Battlegrounds (random and rated) and rated 2v2 and 3v3 arena, as well as lots of other DV players. Our main 3s team is currently in the Rival bracket while we figure out the exact comps we want to run across our various characters.

When it comes to gaming i'm not really a serious person, tho I do have a bit of a competitive streak in me, even for a totally mediocre player. As always, this video isn't about me as a player or any display of skill, as I feel there are probably hundreds of thousands of players who could show you more impressive stuff than I ever could.

But, I do love playing with my friends and making videos, so I hope you will enjoy this if you get to check it out. In addition to straight up PVP there's a few other goofy things that we get into together.

This video is somewhat of a hybrid between my most arty video (AIA X - WOTLK Rogue ganking) and some of my more recent super silly videos. It's a good mixture, I think. The main music comes from 3 of my favorite metalcore bands, and there's also a song and a segment of a song for some of the goofier stuff.

Please do feel free to drop me a comment or a thumbs up if you enjoy the video, and follow me across the web if you'd like to see more. Thanks!
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