Evolas IV-Goodbye by Evolas
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Hello WCM, this will be the last WoW movie I make since I have decided to quit the game, WotLK kind of ruined PvP for me so
I made one last video. If you don't want to watch the duels then please give me the courtesy of watching the credits/outro...I
put a lot of time into it and think many players should read what I have to say about my experience with this game. Once again I am not the greatest Rogue out there, you will see me make some mistakes which cost me a match, and in turn you may see mistakes
my opponents make that will cost them the match. This is just how real life is...nobody is perfect so there is no reason to flame on sombody for making a mistake when playing an insignificant computer game which is meant to entertain.

In this video, you will see the following:

Duels against:

Anarchies - Destro lock
Ryusphinx - ShS/mutilate Rogue
Hide - Frost Mage (Some of the duels he insisted on not using cd's against me...he sure has made it clear to me he knows how hard Rogues have it vs a good frost mage)


Only reason I don't have more duels vs other classes is because I figured they would be extensively boring to watch.

It may seem too short of a movie for some viewers but I felt it was a good length. Please keep in mind that when dueling these other players, I am still in Deadly PvP gear which I have had since Season 5 while playing with Catscrtchfvr, who is an excellent Feral Druid who didn't have the time to arena with me this season, since then I have been inactive all of Arena Season 6. Me and Cat got to 2250 in the 2v2 bracket running Feral/Rogue so I would like to thank him for being an awesome pal and the greatest 2's partner I could've ever hoped for. Oh, and I have 2800 Attack Power while dueling all these players in full furious...lol.

This is my legacy, and I hope you guys enjoy this last video. I know my other videos haven't been top quality or anything, I just try my best with each one that I make. This game has given me
good times and bad times, and I am glad to finally move on. I will probably be trying out AION when it comes out, others should check it out.

Music Used: (In Order Of Appearance)

ULTRAnumb - Blue Stahli
Godspeed - Anberlin
Frozen - Celldweller
Streamline - Pendulum

Finally I say...Goodbye!

Evolas - Cho'gall

P.S. Incase you haven't figured it out, I model edit my Night Elf to an Undead and my Deadly gear to Bloodfang Tier 2 Rogue Armor. (YEA SHOCKER RITE DER!)
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