Darkness II by Erunno
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The Youtube stream has been split into three parts. Check the stream links for the other parts.

Before anyone starts commenting crap... This movie was not intended to look awesome and great as something made by the "big names" in WoW machinima these days. I used more or less "old style" techniques for this movie do to lack of knowledge and technology (aka. crap computer). I do machinima because I like to tell stories and not to satisfy picky machinima watchers.

Darkness II is a continuation of Darkness, my first big machinima. The quality of the first part is crap, so watch it at your own risk.

Harandil, a member of the Kirin Tor was captured and held captive in the Dark Iron prison deep in Blackrock Mountain for unknown reasons. He refused the help of an unknown demon but after years of captivity he gave up and accepted a Blood pact with him. With the demons powers flowing trough him, he devestated the prison complex and saved three other prisoners, one of them is an old friend, the paladin Varyon.
Each with his own reasons joined Harandil, who's goal it is to get more information about his captivity from General Angerforge.
Meanwhile the Blackrock Orcs, commanded by Rend Blackhand, are preparing themselfs for a massive assault on the Dwarven city as requested by Lord Victor Nefarius.

A longer rant about Darkness II and much much more can be found on: Erunno's Thoughts!

Special thanks to:
Candace Holly
Johan V�gstedt
Mickey C from WoW Radio
Everyone who participated in the project. Thank you!

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