Thed 2 by Theed
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Theradras ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
The�d 2
Before watching:
This is an Arena movie. If you dont like Arena and or modelchange i suggest not watching this.

You should download the movie for best quality.

In my second movie you will see a lot of 2vs2 against every popular lineup and a description how to defeat with shadowpriest/rogue.
In addition this movie shows some 3vs3 Shadowplay matches.
My spec is 13/0/48
Shimmy(Rogue) is 17/0/44
Eleshyna(Shaman) is 0/9/52
Chonk(Warlock) is 43/7/11

All Games were recorded above 2100 Rating on the Realmpool Raserei.

Unkle - Lonely Soul
Soilwork - Overload
Sevendust - Face to Face
Static X - The Only
17th Boulevard - Memories
Sevendust - Confessions of Hatred
Counterstrike - Enemy

Fraps 2.9.4
Premiere Pro CS2

Pitbull , eepanels
Afflicted , OmniCC
Trinity Bars , Buffalo
CoolDown 2 , Ghostpulse

If you have any question feel free to contact me ingame or write me a personal message.
The Interface download will be added later in the next days.
Hope you enjoy!

I've decided not to upload my CURRENT UI until Patch 3.0 comes out. Sorry guys!
Most addons wont work and the UI will be broken pretty much.
If you want the old version however look here
I promise that i will upload it pretty soon after 3.0 is released.
Im already testing on Beta Realm.
In addition i want to say that im not going to answer any questions to modelchange anymore.
("wowme"@Google is your friend)

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