Incarnix I - BfA Mage PvP by Incarnix
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Tarren Mill ( Misery )
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**Edit: Adding a WCM stream, hope the quality is good, use youtube for best quality, enjoy! :)

Hey everyone,

this is my love letter to the PvP videos I used to watch and love.
I haven't properly played WoW in a long time, so I'm a bit rusty and the clips aren't extraordinary, but I hope that you enjoy this video nevertheless. BfA is also the first Expansion that I'm playing a Mage. Also please note that this video is by no means meant to be a showcase of any skill, I made it for my own sake and hope it brings entertainment and joy to some of you. I'm also new to editing so I tried my best to add some small effects to make the video less dull. I really hope you guys enjoy it!

This Video includes:
World PvP
A lot of Greater Pyroblasts
People jumping in to help me (hey I'd like to have more 1vX clips too but it's tough okay?)

This Video doesn't include:
Anything special
Anything besides Metal and Rock
Flashy editing (I tried)

Songs used (in order):
Diecast - Fade Away
Machinae Supremacy - Rise of a Digital Nation
It Dies Today - A Port in any Storm
Alexisonfire - This could be Anywhere in the World

Other stuff: (For Updates Etc)

- Incarnix
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