Gladiator Azial | TBC Frostmage by Azial
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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"Finally this beast of a project is done! I'm sorry for the varying quality of the clips. All of them are taken from when I've been streaming so sometimes it looks pixilated/low quality.

The games are from Warmane and Sunwell with most of them being at 2k+ rating. The DPM gameplay from S1 on Sunwell are at 2200 rating and the RM sessions with Apolonia and Cellessa between 2k - 2100 rating.

I started (restarted) my TBC journey 15 months ago and have learnt so much with the support of so many from only playing priest at retail 12 years ago to learning a new class (Mage) on Warmane, Outland on my first ever private server.

I set out to learn, from being a really bad mage understanding
very little about my class to learn all about the deeper mechanics
behind it (in particular with the help from Rivah) and it's been so much fun and enjoyable having that learning curve to go through. From getting toxic and negative comments from players starting out and just a few months later being able to beat those same very players is a rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

I hope you enjoy this montage edited by myself and don't take anything to serious!
It's all good fun!"


SOUNDTRACKS (in order):

Thorgasm by Machine Vandals

Edge and Pearl by Machinae Supremacy

Nutella by The Pollywogs

Magic Dance by David Bowie

Reunion by M83

Rider by 30STM

Lust for Life (The Prodigy Remix) by Iggy Pop
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