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Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Paolly Sbkzor
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SbkzorTV | YT Movie Repost #1

--------- Disclamer ---------

Hi all! For 2-3 years now, I've been releasing a lot of content on youtube just for my followers. I usually try to come with some best-of to share it here, but I feel like some of my lasts uploads can be shared on WCM so i'll start a short serie of "worth watching" videos from my chanel.

The first video is a Feral/Rogue compilation of clips taken with blue to S2/T5 gear and was recorded on realm This server allows Perfect PVE optimization so a lot of ennemies are playing with exciting PVE stats.

Most of opponents are titled people on that server. (Glad 2k / MGlad 2.1k / Vglad 2.2k+).

Release Name on Youtube

Release Date: December, 17th 2016
Duration: 9:15 (without credits)
Partner: Paolly (Feral Druid, FR)

--------- TRACKLIST ---------

Asking Alexandria - The Black
The Interbeing - Shadow Drift
Nat King cole - The Christmas song

--------- Other Links --------- 2.4.3
SbkzorTV on Youtube
SbkzorTV on Facebook

--------- Where to play TBC? ---------

Started on May20.
Thousands of players.
Two Servers. (x5 / x1)
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