Wreckk & Ironhand #1 by Wreckk
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Wreckk's Arena Team 1
Ironhand Wreckk
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Hi there, after over 3 days of rendering errors ([email protected]#$ Sony vegas -.-)
We proudly welcome you to our first arena movie.
It is recorded in Arena-Tournament realm(Except few small clips at intro and few screens in the end, Every footage of arena is from AT).
A flawless private server as most of you already know.
Now i know some of you who play retail have a thing for us"Pserver [email protected]#$ters" but you should know that we have a pretty cool thing going on here on AT :)
If you play retail and miss WoTLK fun, pay a visit to this very best private server Arena-Tournament.
(You will thank me later).

Before i start i would like to say if u are wondering why my paladin is undead it is because of a model edit.
The server itself has "legendary" weapons such as Shadowmourne,Warglaivies and so on. They are not the real items they have the same stats as s8 weapons, but with changed models.
Some people may appear in old tbc gear like s1-s4 That is due to the server having an Awesome transmog via u change ur items looks wich u unlock via arena rating.

Footage consists of:
2v2 Warrior/Paladin setup(We wanted to include 3v3 as WLP but mates couldn't really play alot and since its pretty hard to get some decent 3s footage nowdays we decided to not include 3s in this vid and make it 2s only, If you liked ths vid we will hopefully add better footage including 3s in the next one. No skype usen in any of these arenas)
Facing mostly double caster anti comps such as:

Disc/Shadow Priest Mage
Disc/Shadow Priest Rogue
Destru/Frost Warlock Mage

Since those are in our opinion the most interesting and challenging comps to face as a Warrior/Paladin in 2v2. Also that is mostly what this server consists of at higher rating.

I am not the best editor so don't expect anything major. We hope you guys will enjoy few cool arenas and moves (Also sorry for 4:3 my monitor is rly old, since i bought this pc with my own money i couln't switch to a new monitor tho :< ).

Some of the games are vs Pretty Decent/Good people and some of them are just "randoms"

We hope you enjoy our first video because we enjoyed making it.
For those of you who wish to downrate please tell us why in the comments below so we can improve on it on our next vid(That is if you liked this one), Thanks :)

E3 Trailer Music - Assassins Creed Brotherhood Unreleased Soundtrack
Celldweller - The Wings of Icarus (Featuring James Doodley)
Maria Mena - Habits (Wiskim Remix)
iNexus - Nightlife
Lights - Toes (Digital Dragon Remix)
Fire Hive (Krewella Fuck on Me Remix)
Gemini - Blue
Camo Krooked - Watch It Burn (Ft. Ayah Marar)
Camo Krooked - In The Future (Ft. Jenna G + Futurebound)
iNexus - Insanity
Audiomachine - Danuvius

MoveAnything - Move your interface freely
OmniCC - Timers on CD's/Debuffs
Purgeatory - Shows what school u interrupted
Spell Notifcations - Shows what u reflect interrupted dispell and stuff
Gladius - Srlsy there isnt any pvper who doesnt know this addon XD
Afflicted - Enemy Cooldowns
Aesa - Enemy Cooldowns
AzCastBar - Castbar Addon
Quartz - Castbar Addon
ArenaCountDown - Countsdown from 15 before arena starts
Chatter - Chat addon
Elite Frame - Elite frame around my portrait
Event Alert - Shows procs on screen
Ghost Pulse - Shows witch ability comes of CD (flashes on screen)
Lorti UI - Black Frame textures
Lose Control - CC display for everyone
Tidy Plates - Nameplates
xDamageFont - Changes ur dmg font

*Read if you so choose to know about undead model edit*
So since alot of ppl start asking here is how you get it to work


Download put in wow > data folder open game and human males will appear as undead males.
Note that it changes EVERY human male ingame including npc's and mobs.
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