Ohr3: Control Feat. Saso (Rank1 2500 Hunt/Priest on cyclone) by Ohr
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Ohr's Arena Team 1
Ohr Saso
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SUBSCRIBE. Lots of tutorials, short arena clips and other useful stuff soon to come (Working on the first tutorial video as I'm posting this)

YES, I CLICK WEB IN THE FIRST CLIP. I renamed my pet and my /cast [pet:x] web macro stopped working.

Streaming ERRYDAY

2v2 Marksman / Disc at 2500 mmr
Rank 1 Hunter/Priest on Cyclone-EU at the time of movie reliease

So here it is after 2 painful weeks with Sony Vegas crashing every 10 mins.

The movie contains only 2v2 arena footage as Priest/hunter double PoV, we’re the higest rated priest hunter team on EU cyclone at the moment. All clips are vs. 2300-2700 rated teams.

What to expect:
Priest and Hunter tricks that you have never seen before
Only 2v2 arena, mostly short battles though
Shit quality Priest PoV (LOL XFIRE AND VISTA)
One overused song
Song names included during the movie

What not to expect:
Perfect Play

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