Loincloth 1 - RGlad Hunter TR Movie by Loincloth
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Sargeras ( Shadowburn )
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Loincloth's Arena Team 1
Loincloth Kas Alloraan
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Loincloth's Arena Team 2
Loincloth Adamz Lafu
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Hello friends!

My name is Loincloth. I am a Relentless Gladiator hunter on Sargeras. I started playing arena in s5 and my hunter is my only character. This video includes raw footage of my typical night of arena. I frapsed for 2 nights and included over half the games I had recorded :)

This is my first movie. Skype conversation is included for your viewing pleasure! All partners on my team are rank 1 players and most of our opponents are gladiators/rank 1 players as well.

I decided to take advantage of the TR practice window to safely record some games for a movie, since I wont have the opportunity to do this on live. Losing 24 points because of computer crashes or 10 fps is no bueno!

All games in this movie were recorded in a 3 day span (2 sessions of Prot/Hunter and 2 sessions of PHD totaling about 3 hours). The games might not be the very best, since I had to work with a restricted time frame. I am sure it will still be enjoyable since there don't seem to be too many hunter movies out ever.

Here is some info about the track list and my UI so I don't end up answering them over and over. I can barely navigate around Sony Vegas, so there is no fancy editing :>


Pendulum - Watercolor
Metric - Gold Guns Girls
Lazee ft. Neverstore - Hold On (Matrix & Futurebound Remix)
Muse - Undisclosed Desires
Cicada - The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix)


Pearl Classic Unitframes (Modeled after Blizzard default positions, but with easier to see debuffs/buffs)
Omni CC
Power Aura (This is the colored timer at the bottom. Tried to use afflicted but it was too distracting and spammy. Now when I see evasion or cloak come up on my target, I dont have to mouse over to see the duration)

As always I'd like to give a shout out to all my buds on live on Sargeras (Adamz, Chaimer, Jigs, Mezu, Threefaced) and of course skill-capped.com for all of your WoW PvP instructional needs!

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