Not another disc movie 2: Forget DISCretion by Wouldstalk
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Wouldstalk's Arena Team 1
Cheeriozlol Wouldstalk
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With lots of support and requests for more Wouldstalk is back with more 34/37/0 spec goodness.

This is a purely Rated 2's bracket video. Clips gathered within 2 days of playing. UI has been cleaned up a bit and I switched to playing with Cheeriozlol the feral druid.

Our 2's MMR just broke 2500, but all clips are from ~2300-2450 mmr.

TY for watching, please enjoy!'


Phantom planet - The living dead
Hadouken! - MAD
Explosions in the sky - Glittering blackness
Rage against the machines - renegade

Addons used:

Xperl unit frames
Spell alerter
Death CD pulse
Miks scrolling combat text

Made using:
World of Warcraft
Wow model viewer
Sony Vegas Pro 9

Note: the final Hpally warrior fight vs Veq and Trraumatize was glitchy upon recording and was a not fixable issue; Im sorry if watching causes any aggravation.
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