Phaze - Paladin/Warrior 2800 MMR by wheelie
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Trollbane ( Reckoning )
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wheelie's Arena Team 1
Phaze Dreasus
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If you're going to stream it watch the Noobflicks stream, its much higher quality.

Hello, this is a pure 2v2 video showing prot holy paladin / warrior. All footage was shot in patch 3.2, in season 7, our MMR fluctuates between 2700-2850.

The footage is completely uncut with no editing. It isn't a flashy entertainment video like most are, just some clips of how we played the comp. There are a couple clips which are quite long, unfortunately this happens but i hope it doesn't bore you too much!

My character is named Phaze on EU-Trollbane if you wish to armory me (I've played all the games in the 2v2 but i left the team and rejoined). If you have any comments/questions leave them here or message me ingame.

I don't play perfect and I know I make mistakes.

I may also make a video showing holy paladin/warrior (what we are playing currently) or maybe our 3v3 of holy paladin/warrior/warlock if anyone is interested.

The Antlers - Sylvia
Explosions in the Sky - Have You Passed Through This Night?
Mogwai - Tuner
Explosions in the Sky - Remember Me As A Time Of Day
The Antlers - Two

EDIT: What good is it leaving comments purely based upon prot paladins? You all know before you clicked play that you were about to witness a prot holy paladin playing with a warrior, which was the best setup in the game, and completely overpowered. It is not my fault that prot paladins were overpowered, i was simply doing what 99% of people who play arena do - playing the best spec for my comp.

I may make a 2v2 video of holy paladin/warrior, and i will make a 3v3 video of holy paladin/warrior/affliction warlock.

P.S. Is it only me who thinks its extremely rude to say "awful music" or something similar? I know not everyone will like it but feel free to mute it and listen to your own.
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