Ballplaya 2 MM 3s/5s by Ballplaya
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Ballplaya's Arena Team 1
Mogorash Ballplaya Uck
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Ballplaya's Arena Team 2
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Ballplaya 2
Marksman Hunter 3v3/5v5

I somehow managed to mess up the render and my movie is doubled in duration, replaying the audio and the last frame. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this so please don't hold this against me. The movie is over after the credits

This video contains only Arenas in Hunter POV and unfortunately was rushed and has very little editing. All the clips are against top Rampage teams with mostly very well known opponents. All games were played on patch 3.13

The 3s include our Skype conversations.

I was only recording during 2 nights of playing and I don't have much variety in the comps we played against, fought only a few cleaves and none were worth putting in.

We all transferred off Cho'gall to follow Uck and are now playing on Dragonmaw - Reckoning

Hunter Lock Druid 3s:


Euro-Hunt 5s:



Unit Frames - Pitbull
Icons on Right Tracking party CDs - PAB (Party Ability Bars) by Kollektiv
Icons on Left Tracking Enemy CDs - Afflicted 3
Nameplates - Overhead by Kollektiv
PvP trinket tracker - PTT by kollektiv
Pulsing CD in center screen - Doom Cooldown Pulse
Circles around character - Power Auras
Bars - Bartender w/ Button Facade LiteStep XLT
Scrolling text - Miks Scrolling Battle Text
Pulsing Buttons on Bar/numbers - OmniCC

Song List:

Nine Inch Nails - Just Like You Imagined
Kid Cudi - Dat New New (VIKING Remix)
TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me
Jay-Z/The Verve - Dirt Off My Shoulder/Bittersweet Remix
Grits - My Life Be Like
Jedi Mind Tricks - Rise of the Machines
RJD2 - F.H.H.

Thank you for watching! I appreciate any criticism as long as you're nice :)

If you think I deserved a skill point please don't hesitate or forget to

Shout out to Endless Waltz on Dragonmaw
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