Bunlock V1 - Bunny World PVP by kryticalDV
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Azgalor ( Ruin )
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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to check out Bunlock Volume One : Tiny Feet of Vengeance!

What is a bunlock, you ask? Well, last Tues in VOA a friend used the Bunny Branch from the easter event to turn me into a bunny. Much to all our amusement, i was able to sprint, evasion, clos, vanish, and even fok. when i realized i could fok and use offensive abilities, i knew i had to make a bunny pvp video.

The trick of course, is to either stunlock 100%-0% hp, or otherwise avoid being hit, as even 1 dmg would knock you out of the bunny costume. there is no model changing in this video. i am 100% playing in the bunny costume when you see me killing people as a bunny.

Hence, Bunlock was born.

After my last video, i was a little bummed that people looked past the editing and instead commented on stuff such as my opponents gear or skill, or the fact that the video didnt show anything new - which i think is a little silly, in a game thats over 4 years old, how can you see something new in EVERY video?

Nonetheless, i'm fairly sure i've never seen a bunny world pvp video, so hopefully this will please even them.

I know the music is a bit on the silly side, but... this is a BUNNY WORLD PVP VIDEO. Unearth would probably be inappropriate. Besides, if youve never poured some sugar on yourself... im not sure we can be friends anyway.

Special thanks to the Azgalor community, Team AZ Rogues, Team Boonkie, Neuro of vodka, Vixed of Kalecgos, Slaehtog of The Unsummoned, as always, EDGE of DV. Pathologist, Mute, Kenion, and Dance for inspiration and indirect instruction.

And thanks again to YOU!

Bunlock V2 coming in 2010, Adventures In Azgalor XI coming soon!

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